Folk Fest: The Heartless Tarts, and All & Sundry

Heartless Tarts Photo

Thursday, October 29th @ 7:30pm.

All Saints Church,
DE21 5DL

Tickets: £8


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The Heartless Tarts
Gwenna Carless
Alison Green
Annie McClimont

Four ladies of a certain age who do not take themselves too seriously, The Heartless Tarts sing unaccompanied harmony. They began by singing folk music, but now their repertoire is an increasingly eclectic mix of songs. If they like it, they work with it and make it their own! No song is safe…

Helen’s voice is our lovely, warm bottom! Always well turned out, she sets the style and grooming bar very high, and her talent for mimicry makes her friends wary of leaving the room. In between social engagements, Helen enjoys harmonising with her partner.
Gwenna, Queen of Tarts, the most musical of us all, was born in Wales. A popular performer on the folk scene for many years, she has an amazing ear for a harmony and is working on perfecting her skills as a harpist.
Alison, whose voice has some of the soft huskiness of Shirley Collins, has overcome an early childhood south of the River Dove and is now fully integrated into Derbyshire ways. A frequent source of embarrassment to her children, she is often to be found performing at local folk clubs.
Annie might be called ‘the sensible one’. A perfectionist in everything she does, Annie is currently dedicated to hitting a top C, improving her golf and fitting even more travelling into the gaps between gigs with the Heartless Tarts.


All & Sundry


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A World Class Music Event in a Derbyshire Village Setting