This Man: A Modern Oratorio

This Man Poster
Saturday, October 31st @ 7:30pm
Broadway Baptist Church,
DE22 1BP

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Tickets: £12.00

In ‘This Man’, Derbyshire based composer Anne de Waal has captured a sense of exhilaration and drama of the Easter story with tunes that develop into sweeping, moving, musical lines of deep passion. Sung by four Derbyshire choirs and conducted by Dana de Waal with a selection of talented young soloists, the oratorio promises to be one of those never to be forgotten moments.

‘This Man’ was originally written for primary school pupils to perform as a play. Over the years, the Easter production has grown into a full-bodied modern oratorio, outlining the story of Easter. Set at the foot of the cross where three men face crucifixion, a stranger wanders onto the scene and begins asking questions of the crowd. At first, no-one wants to say a word, fearing the worst if they are seen to be talking about the man condemned to death, but slowly, they begin to relive the events of the past few weeks.

Comments from the performance last year in Derby Cathedral:

“A miracle happened in Derby cathedral last night – Thank you Anne de Waal and Dana de Waal for giving me one of the most moving experiences of my life.”

“The oratorio, composed by Anne and directed by Dana was transformative, moving, exciting, reflective, funny – utterly wonderful”.

“A fantastic experience last night being part of the performance of ‘This Man’ in Derby Cathedral. A packed house and standing ovation. Anne de Waal you are amazingly talented and I hope this gets the attention it deserves.”

NOTE: This event is exempt from the festival season tickets.

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A World Class Music Event in a Derbyshire Village Setting